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About us

GoalDnI™ = Goal In Eye = Golden Eye = Golden “I”

               This brand was created to profess positive energy, feed your goals & to present to you the most enriched materials, genuine fabrics and hand crafted work available in our era. “This is not just a clothing line” is usually the cliche term, but for us we take that to heart. This is a piece of our Life being shared with you as well. We strive to help all individuals who attain a product to not only feel the energy we put behind it but also to understand our message through various additions with packaging. 

            Our purpose is to attract any and everyone who is willing to achieve the utmost in life while keeping their GOAL IN EYE. Our stance is that everyone is 1 of 1. We are all unique individuals from different cultures, ethnicities, passion, styles, and perspectives but we share something that makes us the same. The drive to accomplish anything and everything we desire. This vision is what makes us a community, a family, a culture in which everyone is invited to take part in our journey as we take part in yours. We are a brand solely focused & built on Positive Energy, Enlightenment & The Betterment Our People. Take joy in representing the brand your way & in a positive light.